Today I am grateful for my friend, Mike Healy.

He met me in Hayward, CA. in the middle of eighth grade. Two years later, I met him… which is a running joke in our friendship—and kind of is appropriate to our relationship. In the middle of eighth grade, I moved from suburban Los Angeles and a “preppy” private school to Hayward, California and a public “lack of words to describe” school. In LA, kids were figuring our how to capture the energy of a house hold mouse-trap to move a model vehicle. At Bret Harte in Hayward, kids roamed around in gangs and fucked with people.

As we arrived in Hayward, I hit the ground spinning.

So, Mike remembers me in eighth grade—I don’t remember much. And I think my public education digressed from there. In all fairness, I must admit that it was a track record that I had begun putting into place already as far as education was concerned.

So, Mike… he is my brother. Our relationship is tighter and has been challenged more then most family members I know. And we are still down for each other.

I could go one for quite a bit… but I’ve exhausted myself with anger and depression today and want to go to bed. However, that attests to my feelings for Mike, aka: “The Healer”, aka: Ubenza Kandinea… because in what I can say was predominately a shity day, my thoughts and gratitude for Mike still shine bright. And you know why?

Because I know he loves me and takes me as I am… and he has seen me in my darkest hours and in my highest highs. I wish we all could love each other as we are in each given moment… I know I’m not there yet myself.