Today, corny as it may seem, I am grateful for Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

I am grateful for the human being he was, who didn’t falter amongst fearful opposition. I believe he really was at the top of the mountain, saw a great scene, and came back down to share it with us. That takes courage in itself; to be in paradise and choose to leave so that one can show others the way there.

Anyone that can remain peaceful in their actions amongst the human chaos and turn the tides closer to the dream of us all living peacefully, with great joy and love… well, they are a treasure. And today, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s life still brings me hope. His body may have passed from our physical plane, but what he created with his life is living stronger then ever.

The ripples of such actions do not fade the way the ripples of ponds will do. They grow in stature and energy, moving through and effecting change with their movement – like a rouge wave. The difference being, they spread joy and hope instead of fear.

I think the energy created by positive acts of spirit that lift humanity endure beyond ages, growing beyond the mere act itself… Acts of fear, hatered and violence fade in time.

Today, MLK gives me hope. His life gives me a sense of peace – a sense of rest… and I look forward to the view from the mountain top that Reverend King spoke of. A view when no more is a person just downright tired because the very act of waking up amongst poverty and violence wears a person down. I’m not sure were my personal road is heading to… I can only hope that I might be able to lend a hand in my actions, thoughts and words to bring forth the dream that every life hopes for; peace, hope & love.