Yes, the truth is, I have a few things on my mind this evening to be grateful for. And? It is the beginning of the year… my first post of 2011 in fact.

So? I am grateful for my eldest daughter – who tonight is reminding me that quite often we are very capable of doing that which we believe we can not do. She is challenged by “reading”; put in quotes because it is not the physical action of reading that challenges her. It is her belief that she can not read that is her great challenge. It pains her – she fights it. She’d rather do anything else then read… bouncing from one excuse and reason to the next for not sitting down, book in hand.

However, when I sit down with her and remain the calm guide in the process, she reads with aplomb. Perhaps not that confidently… but she does read well. And I notice that with continual assurance and strong “grounding” from me, she moves through the difficult words with the same competence as the easy ones.

It reminds me of when she was “learning” to ride a bike. I could see she was capable of riding the bike. She had the balance and the skill set needed to ride a bicycle. However, she wasn’t able to ride one until she believed she could ride it.

And so… I am grateful for being a Dad. I am grateful for a new year. I am grateful for slowly climbing the impossible mountain; bloody hands reaching out for one more crack with which to lift my carcass ever closer to the top.

And I am ready for some larger steps forward—I want to reach the summit this lifetime… so that I may embark on further adventures and dreams.

Happy New Year!

(By the way, may I again remind that if you are interested in contributing to this space, please let us know. We welcome you.)