The Gratefulness Series

A reminder that we are grateful


January 2011

The Healer

Today I am grateful for my friend, Mike Healy. He met me in Hayward, CA. in the middle of eighth grade. Two years later, I met him… which is a running joke in our friendship—and kind of is appropriate to… Continue Reading →

back at it…

So I am grateful for my older brother and his relentless pestering about doing this blog.  I basically took a week off of my life to attend a Sales meeting in Reno and even though I did not partake in all… Continue Reading →


I am finding that it is a simple thing to find something that one is grateful for. For instance, tonight, realizing I am moments away from missing my agreed upon post to our blog, (Well, an hour, ten minutes to… Continue Reading →


Today, MLK gives me hope. His life gives me a sense of peace – a sense of rest… and I look forward to the view from the mountain top that Reverend King spoke of.

True Love

I recently posted on my Facebook account that Love is that moment when all else is telling a person they should walk and yet they remain. Later, after a couple of comments from people, I responded and thought that this… Continue Reading →

Weak is okay…

So I was going to say something like “I am grateful that I have 59 minutes left in the day to fulfill my commitment to my brother about posting”, but I wasn’t able to get onto the internet last night…? … Continue Reading →


I guess, in this moment… I am grateful for people. I would certainly drive myself crazy left to my own devices. I would twist and turn in the breezeways of my mind—breezeways turning into torrential storms as my thoughts collided… Continue Reading →

Title? I don’t need no stinking title.

This past weekend I attended a High School reunion for the 1980’s decade at the Claremont Hotel in Berkeley; my wife accompanied me.  The Claremont is like stepping back into history, an older majestic building, you can just imagine walking… Continue Reading →

Oh… where to start?

I am grateful for my eldest daughter – who tonight is reminding me that quite often we are very capable of doing that which we believe we can not do.

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