Today I am grateful for the wet and wild winter we are having.

I love walking out into the “wilderness” (I say it tentatively, knowing that it is far removed from wilderness and is really a desperately preserved reminder of what is truly natural) and hearing cascading waterfalls and streams; drops falling from boughs and needles. Squishy mud and puddles to leap over – or precariously stepping across stones and fallen limbs as we navigate our way onward; without goal or finish in sight or thought.

I love seeing the varieties of fungus among us. Red caps glowing amongst the green… calling out for other trips and journeys if you dare. And the wise take head of the precautions taught. Hidden treasure awaiting basket – then pan. Sure, you can buy them in the store for $15 per pound… so much tastier when found buried amongst a guarding oak.

Mist swollen valleys slumber amongst the rising hills and mounts. Sometimes the rays of our nearest star illuminate the jewels hanging from the lively, green foliage or barren boughs.

It is a time for slumber, true. However, the slumbering takes place only to the outside world. Inside, much is taking place – storing up the needed energy so that it may Spring forth when the time beckons.

And so, I take heed – and hope that I too am found to be Wet, Wild ‘n’ Green.