Today I am grateful for forgiveness.

Today I am grateful for the train of thought that sees beyond my foibles – I am grateful for the sight that sees the Greg Wilker that stands in light and love and acts from compassion and joy.

From this place, miracles do happen amongst us.

I stand alone, in a field – arms upraised to the Holy of Holies… the rain beats down upon my face and I swear in this moment that I am willing to sacrifice my most sacred possession, the only thing I have with any lasting value, to realize my dream and the dreams of my closest friends.

Lightening crashes… thunder rolls… the sky grows darker and a fallen angel makes off with my soul – leaving me with the trappings of the finite dreams of our planet.

And it is but moments to realize I’ve made a grave mistake… and it is a long time coming back around to where I am whole once more.

However, in the journey, I do experience and realize that all IS forgiven. Everyone. Everything. We just need to choose it.

aside: Happy Birthday, brother 🙂

and now, live from San Francisco Cow Palace…