A wonderful journey started late last week.

I read that 1/2 ÷ 1/2 = 1. I started thinking… does this mean that half a pie divided by half equals a whole pie? After all, 4 pies divided by 2 equals two pies. 4÷2=2. So why not half a pie divided by one half equals a whole pie? 1/2÷1/2=1.

All the numerical equations are correct. .5÷.5 does equal 1. However, I have since found out that less from less is not more… and doors have been opened to a greater understanding of math and mathematical processes. A very generous professor from Standford has given Liz, Tom and myself a wonderful lesson to digest. So, doors opened and there is still a whole world through the open door to be explored.

And for some crazy reason – this mathematical quest also has opened other doors for me. My perception in other areas has expanded. It brought forth juicy conversations about infinity and God. I think we throw such concepts about without any real understanding of what is being communicated. Infinity – without beginning, without end.

I am quite sure I have heard scientific evidence and belief of an infinite universe. And yet much exploration goes into discovering the beginning of the universe… If something is infinite – it is without beginning or end. It is forever…

In our grasp to understand, we have come to a place where billions of light years are thrown into everyday conversation. The infinite is calculated and used daily… and I think, much like the beginning of my mathematical quest (.5÷.5=1), we have no idea what is really going on with these concepts.

A very close friend, a brother, once told me that he keeps a large question mark above his head. I covet such wisdom… portrayed in many Eastern philosophies: “A beginner’s mind”.

So much emotion lives within us. Anger, joy, sadness… Emotional roller coasters sometimes take us around and around… And I am finding that my emotional life is not a sign of “the truth”; my emotions are signs towards truth.

I most likely am not justified in my anger – but my feeling of anger is pointing to change… or a way to travel. My fear of something is not an omen of foreboding – but is a sign, pointing to a better me that I want to be.

And, yes, balance comes into play… and interaction (which is why community is so important to personal growth). And all of it… ??

Is a great mystery to me. For the mystery, today, I am grateful.