So this week I decided to take the week off from working at my job; I think that this is the second year in a row that I have taken this week off.  It has been wonderful!  Getting some things done around the house, being lazy and watching Christmas movies, but more importantly spending some time with my family.  Monday we all traveled out to the Bass Pro shop in Manteca and then went and had an early dinner together, came home and watched Grown Ups.  Tuesday we did some cleaning around the house and outside and then at night we watched Toy Story 3 together.  Yesterday was my birthday and my wife, daughter and I went down town, walked around, saw a movie had dinner and then when we came home enjoyed some cake and ice cream with the whole family and my nephew.  Today we are all going to SFO together to pick an old friend up at the airport. 

I am grateful that even though my kids are teenagers, they have not complained at all this week about having to hang out with their old man and the family.  Thank you kids.  Thank you Lord and I love you all!