Last week we at work we performed our annual physical inventory; I wasn’t looking forward to it.  Just a month earlier we had moved into a new building, consolidating with two other warehouses, increasing our inventory value by 1.1 million dollars.  The first week of the move our inventory operating system was not fully operational and I know that some product was shipped without really being invoiced.  I was not looking forward to this physical inventory.

What I needed to realize is that I have a very solid group of guys working with me, who actually do care about their jobs and the company that they work for.  They did a great job of counting, taking their time, making sure that they were being accurate; and when we were going over our deviation reports they would speak up and remind us of some shipment that went out that first week.

Overall the inventory went better than expected and our auditor did not find any mistakes.  So I am grateful for the job that I have and for the people that I work with, they are both solid.