The Gratefulness Series

A reminder that we are grateful


December 2010


At this precise moment… I am grateful for the 4 minutes left for me to keep my blogging agreement with my brother.

Wet, Wild ‘n’ Green

Today I am grateful for the wet and wild winter we are having. I love walking out into the “wilderness” (I say it tentatively, knowing that it is far removed from wilderness and is really a desperately preserved reminder of… Continue Reading →

In General… and my kids.

So this week I decided to take the week off from working at my job; I think that this is the second year in a row that I have taken this week off.  It has been wonderful!  Getting some things… Continue Reading →

See me, feel me, touch me, heal me

Today I am grateful for forgiveness. Today I am grateful for the train of thought that sees beyond my foibles – I am grateful for the sight that sees the Greg Wilker that stands in light and love and acts… Continue Reading →

Freedom of Choice

Today I am grateful for freedom of choice. May I have the wisdom to choose wisely.

For this place

Honestly? I don’t have a bloody clue as to what I am grateful for in this moment. However, as I pause and wonder what I am going to write about – I realize that I am grateful for this blog… Continue Reading →

Good people equal good work

Last week we at work we performed our annual physical inventory; I wasn’t looking forward to it.  Just a month earlier we had moved into a new building, consolidating with two other warehouses, increasing our inventory value by 1.1 million… Continue Reading →

C, C, C, Communication

Today I am grateful for communication… It is an amazing thing to be able to communicate the inner life we are experiencing. And there are so many ways to communicate… and so many communications happening. One might say that living… Continue Reading →

So simple

Today as I was driving home from my office I was offered the chance to view some very special art work.  The sunset was outstanding!  It was the kind that you normally witness during the spring or summer months, so I… Continue Reading →


A wonderful journey started late last week. I read that 1/2 ÷ 1/2 = 1. I started thinking… does this mean that half a pie divided by half equals a whole pie? After all, 4 pies divided by 2 equals… Continue Reading →

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