Well today I am happy to report that I will have my day in court, facing one or two mortgage companies who do not know what a signed contract agreement means.  I absolutely love where I live and if it had been foreclosed on because a mortgage company did not want to honor the legal agreement that I had with another mortgage company, it would have been heartbreaking.  So now the foreclosure has been delayed and we will have a hearing in court regarding the validity of my contract.

So as much as I love my property, what I really love is the fact that I live in the United States of America where I have the opportunity to right an injustice.  I love the fact that over 200 years ago a group of men had the foresight to write a constitution that would restrict the government and help create justice for the people.

It is too bad that, that constitution has become so twisted and manipulated.

Still I am grateful for where I live.