Today I am grateful for sex; erogenous zones and the erotic. So if this is not your cup o’ tea, or at least such a public display of passionate arousal, I recommend not reading any further… And to those who believe that this type of writing needs to be behind black curtains and away from prying eyes, I apologize. (This is adult material.)

But it has hung with me all day – the joyful curve of the lower back, that then rises to the wonderful roundness of a plum bum. The body is full of curves and rounds – the dips of the abdomen; the roundness of a breast. Ah, yes… it is becoming plain… it is the joyful exploration of a woman’s body that I am grateful for.

Make no mistake, I enjoy when the favor of exploration is returned by the female companion… And I am quite sure that passionate lovers find such joys with their own companions of choice… But what a wonderful thing to be grateful for.

The act of creation is filled with such potential for bliss; a celebration of the physical sensations… red roses humidifying the air… shadows dancing – thrown from fire lit bodies… soft fur, sweat and smells – tastes… and love. The desire to give pleasure and the trust to receive it.

Sounds pretty sacred to me – sounds like Church. The very beginning, pro-creation… Genesis. 😉 Yes, I am grateful for sexual acts.