Yes, today I am grateful for two things, one of which is that we are currently on the road heading south on highway five towards that beautiful place where swallows come each spring, traveling 6,000 miles with the promise of renewed love.

I am with my family and we are on our way to my sister’s home in San Juan Capistrano. I am very grateful to be spending Thanksgiving with her and her familia. I am grateful to have a few days of rest and just handing with my family. I intend to be present for them the whole time – something that sometimes takes conscious effort. But it can be done and is always well worth the efforts.

I am grateful that nothing really is enticing to me this Black Friday, so I think I shall be sleeping in for the first time in a few years… Of course, if I was spending Thanksgiving with my other sister – I’d be up and at it just for the party of it all. 🙂

I really am grateful for this holiday season, that brings the feelings and thoughts of camaraderie, family – and other such warm feelings close to the surface of my consciousness. There is much to be thankful for as this holiday of thankfulness approaches. And I wish you all a very warm and thankful holiday season – a time of forgiveness and laughter…

Oh, and what was the second thing I am grateful for today? 🙂

That wordpress allows one to schedule their post – for today is Monday as I write this; but it will be posted on Wednesday as it should.

Happy Thanksgiving!