So I just read my brother’s post about this being a new month, I was able to use the Giant’s game as an excuse to get out of trick or treating with my wife and daughter, after all how often are the Giant’s ahead in the World Series?  So they won the series yesterday… some people say that I am a closet Giants fan, I am not a fan of the Giants, but I do like the make up of their team.  How can you not like Madison and Buster?  So I am happy for Kruk, Kyp, Dave and John Miller; they are the best announcing team in Major League Baseball.  Do you think the Giants gave up in August when they were trailing the Padres?  They could have…they didn’t.  They have to face the Phillies…they did not give up.  They are going to have to face Cliff Lee twice…and so they beat him twice, once to win the World Series. 

So things are just a bit stressful in my life right now, moving two warehouses into a new building, converting all of the inventory onto a new management system, while we continue to take care of the customer emergencies and did I mention that it was done in less than a week.  Meanwhile my legal battle with my mortgage company has esculated and it has shifted my priorities away from work.  So I keep reminding myself to be positive, focus on the positive and the vision of what I know shall be.

I am grateful that my brother is beginning to accept the power of a positive mind and vision.