This past Saturday I was awakened a little after 4 in the morning by a phone call from an alarm company telling me that someone was trying to break into my new warehouse, yea.  They drove a van right through one of the roll up doors.  Fortunately nothing was taken, they were spooked by something ( not the police, they took an hour and forty minutes to respond, thank you).  So I was told that it is human nature to do bad things and I say that it is ignorance.  I was asked yesterday how positive thinking created me staying at work for 8 hours on Saturday and what was so positive about that?

I don’t think that I created the break-in, but I think that positive thinking effected the way that I reacted and has created some positive reactions from the break-in.  If someone wants to breakin to a building there is nothing you can do about it; but how you react to it is entirely in your control.  I did not get upset, therefore my day was not ruined.  I learned how to operate and download video from my DVR at work (still thinking of sending it to the stupidest criminal show), and the company has agreed to grant me the ability to add some extra preventive methods.  It has also shown my crew that we need to constantly be aware of making sure that we do all that we can to make sure that we have the preventive measures in place.

Bottom line, I am grateful that nothing was stolen and there was minimal damage to the building.  Have a great-full day.