I’m just going to jump in here; because I failed to post Monday. My days for posting are Monday and Wednesday; my brother’s Tuesday and Thursday. Friday is open to whomever wishes to post – and we do mean open… If you want to partake, let us know.

So, my brother is who I am grateful for today… I am grateful that there is someone in my life that I can talk openly with; share what is real for me in my moment. AND—he also knows what my goals are and therefore his feedback is relevant to the “big picture” goals and dreams that I have.

When I tell him how much life sucks and how hard I am finding things… or more appropriately, how difficult I am making things out for myself, he hears me, understands and helps me to hold on to the positive.

Important aspect to the whole thing – he does hear me. He gets what I am saying… He is someone whom I can communicate with in a manner that is very close to the experience(s) I have in the moment.

So, to my brother – for him I am grateful.

“So long we go, his welfare is my concern
no burdon is he to bear, we’ll get there
But I know he would not encumber me
He ain’t heavy – he’s my brother”
~ Scott and Russell