So much to be grateful for… even though somehow I macked my toes last night; i think I broke at least one. And today is going to be a day of enduring pain. And it is going to be a day of catching up with some work that was not completed last month. Still, a lot to be grateful for.

Grateful for a new month, for a wonderful Halloween evening – trick-or-treating with Jonah, Bodhi & Liz; Jonah and I holding out for a few more houses after Bodhi called “enough”, her basket spilling over from the treats given instead of a trick. Watching “The Beard” through the final strike of game 4 for a GIANT win at someone’s home that was kind enough to let us come in for the final 30 seconds instead of watching it through the window. Jonah & I finding Robyn at the “last house, then let’s go home” we go to. Bellies full of sugar, we all tumble into bed watching Rocky Horror Picture Show, right up to “Sweet Transvestite” (Frankenfurter’s entrance) with Liz commenting on the “fine images to be giving our children… He’s a man that likes to dress up in woman’s underwear…” Happy Halloween.

And I awaken this morning with jolts of pain from my toes and a new month. I am beginning to believe that the bright life I want to live is the life I am living. It is all perspective and belief – the mental process.

So? I am grateful for November, with the promise of “tucking in” all snugly like on crisp autumn nights. And the promise of family and friends gathering as Thanksgiving peaks around the corners.

November… it has potential for being a wonderful month. It is a wonderful life. 🙂