The Gratefulness Series

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November 2010

How positive thinking works?

This past Saturday I was awakened a little after 4 in the morning by a phone call from an alarm company telling me that someone was trying to break into my new warehouse, yea.  They drove a van right through… Continue Reading →

On the road again

Yes, today I am grateful for two things, one of which is that we are currently on the road heading south on highway five towards that beautiful place where swallows come each spring, traveling 6,000 miles with the promise of… Continue Reading →

The man in the mirror

So today I am grateful for myself.  How selfish, but I was listening to Michael Jackson as I was driving home and it struck me that Michael was right; if you start with yourself then you can improve your life… Continue Reading →

Oddly enough…

Oddly enough, I find that I am grateful for Facebook today. A little scary, this realization. However, I find that it really is a wonderful way to stay in touch with many friends and loved ones. It is a window… Continue Reading →

He Ain’t Heavy…

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Where we live…

Well today I am happy to report that I will have my day in court, facing one or two mortgage companies who do not know what a signed contract agreement means.  I absolutely love where I live and if it… Continue Reading →

For so much, there is to be grateful!

This morning there is no one particular thing that I am grateful for, other than life it-self.  I am grateful for my wife and children, for the beautiful place where we live and all of the opportunities that this place… Continue Reading →

And the darkness enters now

And what is one grateful for? When your lying on the floor Looking up just hurts your eyes And the symptoms just were lies And what shall we all save From the crimson gilded grave It all seems right from… Continue Reading →


Today I am grateful for sex; erogenous zones and the erotic. So if this is not your cup o’ tea, or at least such a public display of passionate arousal, I recommend not reading any further… And to those who… Continue Reading →

It is in the attitude…?

So I just read my brother’s post about this being a new month, I was able to use the Giant’s game as an excuse to get out of trick or treating with my wife and daughter, after all how often… Continue Reading →

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