I chose the above headline because… I am NOT feeling very grateful at the moment.

Everything is coming as a struggle… I do NOT see the results I want to see and I am NOT experiencing the things I want to experience and it all seems for naught!

Now, from the reading I have been doing for a while, I might think that the above is due to my current mindset and thoughts… My outlook is coloring the experiences and expectations I currently have. SO WHAT?!

I know of no other useful action then to continue lifting up one foot, no matter how painful and slowly it might be, and setting it down a bit further in front of where it currently resides. It is an act of faith, no doubt. However, I hope that I will find that I am grateful that I continued when continuing was the very last thing I wanted to do. Because, yes, right now – I would love to escape into the pleasures of mind and body… be it a movie, sensual/sexual pleasure, hanging out at the beach… (All the above?)

And yet, I shall end this now and get back to the job at hand – all the while keeping in mind the dream goals I wish to enliven.