As I wrap up what has been a very loose Monday for me work wise (could it be going to bed at 1:30am night after night and waking up at 8am is starting to catch-up with me?), I am aware that I am grateful for more then one chance at things.

Yes, when we falter, fail, loose, etc. – we can always get back to it and give it another shot… what ever “it” is.

I just hung up the phone with someone whom I consider a true friend. AND, at a time when I think it made total sense for him to cut me from a project (I’d proven beyond any doubt that I wasn’t going to deliver even though my words said I wanted to) he hung in with me and gave me yet another opportunity to make good. It was beyond the 11th hour. The fat lady had already removed her make-up, packed her bags and tipped the cabbie as he dropped her off at the Hilton Towers… and I was allowed to dust my shoulders off and deliver. Which I did.

It is a lesson I hold dear… everyone deserves many chances if possible. We really can do it.

So here is to multiple chances… “one foot after the other, the dog made it to Dover.”