Today, I am grateful for humor. Humor makes light… it can make light of heavy, serious subjects. Therefore they are no longer foreboding and can be dealt with easier.

Of course, each of us has our opinion of what is funny—and what isn’t.

For instance, I think this joke is funny:
How do you get 50 Jews into a Mercedes Benz?
Two in front, 3 in the back seat and 45 in the ashtrays.

Well, as I write it, I am finding it painful… However, I think this is the point. Humor is the “lightness” of something painful. It is the flip side of things… if we are able to laugh, then what ever the subject is, it doesn’t have the power to hurt us. And humor, being subjective, means – we have the choice to see the light side of ANYTHING. Anything at all.

I think there are a lot of resources one may find that point to evidence that taking one’s self lightly is healthy; it relieves stress, etc. And, all of the great big “boogy monsters” that we have created in our society will lose their power over us if we learn to see their lightness – not to take them so seriously. And believe me, there is a joke for every single aspect of our humanity… So?

I am grateful for humor. All sorts of it. All sides of it. I live for the day when nothing will have me tearing up in pain and what ever residual elements of a “painful” thought I hold within my psyche arise, I shall laugh them away with good cheer… I suppose laughter is forgiveness. Hitler, I wish you well on your karmic path. May God bless you and may you know peace… by the way, did you hear the one about the…

I can’t find the original with Lenny Bruce; the above will have to suffice. I believe the original was a bit more powerful though. The message is the same…. haha.