Yeah – I think my brother’s post needs more details… just what are you grateful for exactly? Is your company teaching you to rob banks? And you know the first few years of learning are going to be tough because you’ll be the point guy going into the bank… but then you get to move up to escape vehicle driver after a few years of training… that is if you live through training… what up?

Well, I am very grateful that we celebrated Liz’s birthday without sparing expense and things are still good. The kids and I made choices for her birthday, as we always do, and this is the first year that it didn’t set us back financially to where I was concerned about paying the current and next round of bills. We always made it – but it was always tight… and we probably had help.

This year? All good… bills are paid and there is money in the bank for food, etc. It shows progress. We’re not rich (financially) by any means – but we’re doing alright.

So? I am grateful for that financial progress.

(Now, I’m planning for my youngest daughter’s birthday at Disneyland… can that really happen? Yes, I have my doubts – I have my faith as well.)