The Gratefulness Series

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October 2010

Is it the best medicine? I think so…

Today, I am grateful for humor. Humor makes light… it can make light of heavy, serious subjects. Therefore they are no longer foreboding and can be dealt with easier. Of course, each of us has our opinion of what is… Continue Reading →

Real Good Looking Boy

Today, at least as I write in this moment – which I am cramming in before heading to bed – I find that I am very grateful for my son. There is a feeling inside my that I get only… Continue Reading →

This morning…

So this morning I had a dream regarding work and it was a situation that really pissed me off, so much so that I woke up (fifteen minutes earlier than I normally do).  So I am wondering if the dream… Continue Reading →

Tuesday October 19th

Good morning wonderful world.  Yesterday in a quick phone conversation, with a friend that I met through business, it became very clear to me what I would like to be doing in the future with my life.  I am ready… Continue Reading →

Happy Birthday

Yeah – I think my brother’s post needs more details… just what are you grateful for exactly? Is your company teaching you to rob banks? And you know the first few years of learning are going to be tough because… Continue Reading →

Right now…

…I am grateful that my brother has not hasseled me all day to fulfill my commitment to post. That being said I am grateful for the wonderful opportunity that my company is offering me to expand my knowledge, horizons and… Continue Reading →

What Am I Grateful for Now?

I chose the above headline because… I am NOT feeling very grateful at the moment. Everything is coming as a struggle… I do NOT see the results I want to see and I am NOT experiencing the things I want… Continue Reading →

sleepy time :-)

i am grateful to be going to sleep before 9PM… it has been many nights until 1AM and getting up at 7… zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz 🙂

More then one chance

As I wrap up what has been a very loose Monday for me work wise (could it be going to bed at 1:30am night after night and waking up at 8am is starting to catch-up with me?), I am aware… Continue Reading →

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